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Our Team

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Ray Delfing

Owner / Captain

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Born on two wheels, Ray's passion for bikes has lead him with a new found addiction — road cycling. One day after a long ride and a glass of whiskey, he stumbled into the realization that he should create his own team. It was at that moment Watts & Whiskey was born! Using his secret mix of watts and whiskey, he is no stranger to speed.

Watts and Whsikey Aaron Rape

Aaron Rape

Coach / Road Captain

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Due to lofty goals and poor coaching options in college, Aaron’s coaching career started when coaching himself in track and field to take his school’s 400m record! He then coached a competitive track club while completing his PH.D. Aaron’s specialty is creating adaptable training plans that blend the most critical principles of training into a structure that fits for each rider.

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Mike Zapantis

Member / All-Rounder

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Mike is new to competitive cycling but his fire for competition has been raging for the last 18 years as an amateur competitive paintballer. Having cycled his whole life, his passion for the sport was rekindled during the pandemic and through participating in the BikeMS City to Shore Charity event.


Dave Chahbandour

Member / Climber

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As a burnt out High-school runner turned cycling addict, Dave’s career started after multiple injuries from racing the 800m in Track and Field. Shortly after this his aunt pushed him in the direction of cycling, Dave became obsessed with watts. At 62kg and well over 5W/Kg, he climbs faster than a mountain goat.

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Zach Hojeibane

Member / All-Rounder

    Former tennis player, longtime coach, and fitness enthusiast, Zach has always had a passion for competitive sports and one simple need - The need for speed! He quickly became addicted to the high speed nature of cycling, and has since dedicated each year and thousands of miles to going as fast as possible.

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